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jeannette8jpgSeveral years ago I had the opportunity to work with Jeannette Paladino as she struck out on a journey to become a blogger.  As she will tell you, this experience was life changing for Jeannette.  She had never written a blog post, and she is now helping companies to learn how to blog, leverage social media to burnish their brands, increase their revenues, and engage their employees as brand advocates.

Jeannette has also become one of the most influential leaders on LinkedIn.  She uses her communication strengths to network and to build global communication channels that keep us all so very inspired.

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3 Video Tutorials: Get Your Blog Posts to Go Viral With Digg Digg and Dimbler

I want to thank Scott Bradley for introducing me to a world I never knew existed...the world of the wordpress plugin Digg Digg and Dimbler. You can … [Read More...]

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The 5 Most Important Questions to Ask Before You Write a Blog Post

Before you begin to blog, you must know your target audience and as much about them.  As a blogger, these are the 5 most critical questions you need … [Read More...]

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Top 20 Reasons Why You Should Write a Blog on Your Own Domain

I think therefore I blog picturePeople ask me every day why they should blog.   In all honesty, I cannot find a good reason why a company or business owner should have a static website over a blog, because Google LOVES new, fresh content.  While I feel that some companies may just not want the hassle and still want this fabulous looking static website, the truth is this:  People are not going to hire you because you have the best looking website on the internet.  While this may help, it is not the determining factor.

On the other hand, people do want to know that you know your stuff.  So, if you are a business owner, here are the 20 reasons I believe you should blog, and these are all from my own personal experiences of having been a blogger since 2005.

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12 Ways to Make Money By Blogging

1. Write great content and sell coaching, consulting and technical services. People do have to feel that you are an expert before they hire you!  If you write valuable content and prove to the public that you know your stuff, you will be so much more successful when it comes to acquiring new clients.

2. Sell your own digital products.  Pdf white papers, research reports, podcasts, tutorials, e-books, powerpoint presentations, assessments and video presentations are top sellers.  Just make sure the content is yours (written by you), valuable, original and beautifully presented.  The internet is saturated with digital content, so make sure it is worth selling.

3. Sell other people’s products for an affiliate fee.

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