10 Ways to Rekindle Your Website (or Blog) And Win a New Kindle by Andy O’Bryan

Andy O'Brien is a Marketing and Business Consultant and the Author of The Apostrophe: The Andy O'Bryan Blog

OK, with just over 200,000 minutes left in the year it’s time to count down the top 10 ways to re-kindle your website.  This is a great snapshot of the 10 quick things you can do by Andy O’Bryan (thanks Andy!)

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He’ll take a look at what’s good and what’s not-so-good about your site, and give you solid recommendations on how to bring in more business with it, or get more traffic to it, or both.

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Now, here are the 10 ways to re-kindle your site by Andy O’Brien:

1. Headline
If you don’t have one on every page, then people are probably clicking away pre-maturely. There are ways to have a headline that’s compelling but not in-your-face, hypey and awful.

2. No exit doors
Don’t have too many links to other people’s sites, schools where you got certified, or even the link to the person who designed the site. Unless two things happen: It opens up in a new window and/or the person is also linking back to you.

3. Focus on takeaways and outcomes Easily missed.
These are the benefits of working with you or getting your product. Don’t leave these out.

4. All about them, less about you.
Count up the I’s and Me’s on your site, and if they outnumber the You’s then you’ll need to fix that.

5. Emotions of your target market
What will they be feeling after they work with you?

6. Tell your own success Story
What have you been through, what drove you to do what you’re doing, or what’s your own before and  after story?

7. Find the Weakest link
What’s the worst part about your site? Find it and fix it. It could be copy or technical or both, but look at it with an unbiased set of eyes, or have a friend do it.

8. Call to action
Have it on every page!

9. Give reasons why you’re different
This is your unique selling proposition and you must have one, something that differentiates you from the rest of the fish in the sea.

10. Paragraphs, no more than 5 lines long
For the most part people will not read long paragraphs on the web. They will click away. So throw out the Elements of Style and write in a way that caters to short attention spans.

I encourare you to get connected with Andy today and get automatically registered to win one of 3 Kindles.  He’s giving away this month (no purchase necessary) just click this link to open up his scheduler.

Bea Fields Companies, Inc. is not receiving any material benefit from endorsing this service.  I just like Andy and want to send along his great ideas to you!.

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