20 Things to Blog About Before the End of 2010

Okay…we’re coming down to the end of the year, and about 70% of the people I am talking to are saying “I have writer’s blog!” (or bloggers’ block).  So, to help you get through to 2011, here are a few suggestions to help you get through the year.

The 20 Things I Would Love for SOMEONE to Blog About (and if you do, send them to bea@beafields.com, and I will post them)

1.  How to Turn a Boring Holiday Party Into theTalk of the Town

2.  The Lesson I learned at 16 That Changed my Life Forever

3.  My Love/Hate Relationship with Blogging

4.  The 10 Oddest Comments I’ve Read on Twitter in 2010 (I so wish I had this one under my belt)

5.  The 10 Internet Marketing Strategies that Will Drive Customers Away in 10 Seconds or Less

6.  How to Get at Least 75% of the People at Your Holiday Party to Eat Your Turkey and Actually RAVE About It!

7.  How to Eat What You Want During the Holidays and STILL Lose Weight Safely

8.  What I Think You Need to Know to Make Big Money in 2011

9.  The 7 Stress Busters I Use When the Family Shows Up for the Holidays

10.  The Best and the Worst of Television Commercials in 2010

11.  The Big Elephant In the Room I Wish SOMEONE Would Blog About!

12.  The Top 5 News Stations That Are Actually Fair and Balanced

13.  My Predictions for “News Grabbing” Stories Oprah Will Unveil in 2011 Before Her Last Show (Gotta Get Em NOW!)

14.  You Know You’re Addicted to Facebook When….

15.  5 Strategies for Shaking Things Up in Your Business in 2011

16.  When You’re 60, How to Look 40 Without Botox or Other Needle/Knife Procedures (And, I am not talking about the people who actually NEED these procedures for medical reasons, so please don’t write back telling me I just offended the people who are required to have these procedures for medical reasons)

17.  How to Take an Outdated Idea, Product or Service and Meet a Currrent, Unmet Need

18.  The 10 Most Important Leadership Lessons Learned From Our Military During the Last 8 Years

19.  The top 10 Ideas to Improve Our World’s Greatest  Cities (you name the cities, and name how to improve them)

20.  Five Strategies for Creating Positive Change in Others Without Saying One Word

Let me know if you have written one of these posts and contact me to send your post my way!  If not, then maybe at least I have you a few ideas to blog about!

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