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Teleclass: The 9 Key Elements You Must Have in Place if You Want To Own Your Niche Using Blogs and Social Media

Date: March 9, 2011 @ 1 pm EST

Free Webinar Wednesday Host Jeff Simpkins will be interviewing Bea Fields and Scott Bradley:

As an online entrepreneur are you overwhelmed, and consistently wonder where you should be placing your focus if you want to truly build a profitable company?

If so, you are in for a treat because…

On this webinar Scott and Bea are going to cover the 9 critical moving parts that you must focus on and optimize in your business to achieve entrepreneurial success.

By understanding, mastering and focusing on these 9 specific moving parts to your business, you will see an increased top and bottom line.

To be more specific, here is what you are going to learn on this power packed webinar!

  • The one key question you must ask yourself before creating a product or service that will allow you to make the most amount of money, in the shortest period of time. (Most entrepreneurs mess this up, causing them years of pain and frustration. Are you one of them?)
  • What to keep in mind before launching your product, and what to exactly think about before you start selling the product in your store, or online website! (So many entrepreneurs leave so much money on the table because of this. Don’t be one of them!)
  • The two types of traffic to drive through your website, and key tips to think about and consider before you start taking action. (If you mess this part up, you will waste thousands of dollars on marketing that doesn’t bring you any results.)
  • The mindset you must adopt if you want to be profitable with your business either online or offline. (So many business owners lose sight of this simple principle, and then wonder why they don’t reach their goals at the end of the year.)
  • One powerful copywriting trick that will help you get more attention with the words that you use in your sales copy and that will hypnotically grab the attention of your prospects faster than the speed of light.
  • How to visualize your entire business from 30,000 feet up, and make small critical decisions that will exponentially create massive results fast.
  • An unspoken truth of the internet that almost no one talks about when it comes to building a company, that will help you increase the results you get 100 fold RIGHT NOW!

And much much more!

Don’t miss out on this amazing Free Webinar Wednesday event that will positively impact your business and your life!

*Special Bonus*

Scott and Bea will also be taking questions LIVE after the content has been presented!

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