7 Reasons Why You Should Blog: To Build The Power of Trust

As you all are aware, we have been through a very rocky time in the last 3-5 years, and the last year has been a nightmare for millions of people.  The trust and respect for American leaders is waning, and there is overwhelming pressure on business leaders to over communicate to their stakeholders and to add ongoing value.  The more people read and hear from the media, the more questions they ask.  When questions are not addressed, trust is shattered.  The more people receive perks, benefits and freebies, the more value people want.  The public wants to be educated, they want wow service, and they want to know that they can go to the vendors and businesses they purchase from to get their answers.

In our world today that there are some emotionally driven questions that people are asking/wondering about that is going to require you to start blogging if you are not.  I use the word require, because without a tool like blogging, you cannot keep the public updated throughout the day on important changes which are happening literally by the hour (or even by the minute!)

1) Can I trust this company?

2) Is my money really safe?

3) If I buy from this company, are they going to deliver on their promises?

4) Is this company the real thing…or is this a scam?

5) Does this business owner or company really know what they are talking about?

6) Will this company answer my questions when they come up?

I had a client write me yesterday, and here is what he said…”From your blog and the speed with which you responded to my e-mail, I can see why you are successful.”  This is not to brag to you…I work very hard with blogging and responding to e-mail, so this was the biggest compliment I could have received.  He went on to say that the blog adds value to his life every day…that if he has a question about business or leadership, he knows that I will always find the answer and respond to him asap.

Here are just a few points to consider about why you should blog to build trust with your stakeholders:

1) Companies who are smart enough to stay in touch daily with their customers during these rocky times can target their products and services to meet what I call the “right now” demands of the public.

2) By using a blog, you can create a highly interactive and entertaining experience for your clients and stakeholders.  Yes…entertaining!  People of today want an experience, and they want to be entertained.

3) Blogging can position you as someone who really cares about what other people have to say.  All blogs come with a commenting feature…and if you are using that commenting feature to your advantage, you will begin to see repeating patterns and themes in what people really want and need in their lives.  At the end of the day, most people just want to know that they have a voice in building out your brand.  A blog can give your stakeholders the opportunity to share their opinion.

4) With a blog, you can follow the repeating patterns of comments/complaints/praise and act right now…rather than waiting until something really blows up in your face.  You can address small issues that can become big issues later.

5) With a blog, you can build out a relationship with your customers before they become your customers.  Business is all about building relationships.  You can have the most beautiful business or web presence, but if you are not building relationships, you will have a very difficult time selling your products and services.

6) A blog can give your company a platform for both collaboration and innovation.  It is not uncommon for the introverts in your company to sit by quietly, going about their work and not making waves.  With a blog, your less verbal employees can contribute to the conversation by commenting and blogging.

7)  A blog can be used to share your expertise with the public.  As I always say…if I am going to have heart surgery, I want the best heart surgeon available.  The same holds true in all business.  If you are sharing your expertise through blogging, people will see you as highly credible before they even meet you..

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