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I will never forget the day…It was September 5, 1999, and I had enrolled in Coach University to learn how to become a coach…the only problem was this:  I had never turned on a computer and the course was an online course!

So…I set off into the world of the Internet. I had to learn how to use a computer, send email and take classes on something called a telebridge line.

My young but savvy 12-year old daughter sat down and gave me a crash course on how to send email, create a document and connect to the wonderful but daunting World Wide Web. I recall asking her what www stood for. This was still in the early days of the web, so I wasn’t alone in entering this new world.

People look at me now and say…you’ve come a long way baby.

You see, this first step in 1999 has led me to where I am today: Coaching executive level leaders, training companies on engaging Generation Y employees in the workplace and you won’t believe this…but actually teaching business owners and corporate leaders how to build blogs, writes blogs and use social networks as a way to expand their reach and connect with their younger employees and clients.

I learned I was a “tech geek”

In my life, as in the lives of many people, I have now come to realize that it’s possible to stay connected with friends and family around the clock using social media or “new media.” Blogging, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have opened up my world and have provided me access to people I would have never met without these tools. I have come to realize that I am a tech geek…a closeted tech geek.

While many corporate leaders have embraced social media, too many others still believe their employees are wasting time on social networking, cell phones and news feeds. Yet companies are beginning to see that they must use social media as a critical element of their advertising, marketing and communications if they want to reach their target audiences who are increasingly found in online communities. And…when used correctly…social media can enhance and improve employee engagement, especially with the Millennial Generation, better known as Generation Y.

As an internet marketing and blogging coach, I focus my social media coaching, consulting and training in three main areas.

1.  Training: During training, I focus on helping companies tap the employees inside the company who are proficient with the use of new media to engage with customers, vendors and other professionals for the benefit of the organization. In turn these employees help train others…so that the company can boost productivity and strengthen employee engagement through the use of new media. Employees who are tapped as trainers are more often than not men and women born between 1977-1997, because social media is in their DNA.

Educating the entire company can engage more employees in becoming brand advocates for the company and its services. Many companies, like IBM have formal social media policies that guide their employees. IBM, Intel and Zappos are among the companies unleashing their employees and allowing them to have a voice in their own company blogs, on Facebook and Twitter.

2.  Productivity: Senior leaders are often critical of social media because they feel younger employees are frequently peeking into their Facebook and Twitter accounts throughout the day to see what is going on in their private worlds. Yet I see this from a different point of view. I have found that with proper training, social media can be used to blast a message out in seconds rather than hours or days and to connect with potential partners and clients for the company.

With the right social media guidelines in place, workers can actually be rewarded for finding ways to improve productivity using new media. When employees understand the rules of the social media road, they are more than willing to collaborate with management to promote the company. After all, if the company prospers, they will too.

3.  Modeling: In the past five years I have learned one very important lesson. It does not matter how strong your social media policy is for your company. What truly matters is that senior managers and leaders play the new media game along with their rookies and younger employees. Company leaders must be willing to learn how to use new media in order to make important company announcements and updates or to post company news and awards via blogging, tweets or posts on Facebook. Through modeling, senior leaders can bring younger workers closer into their circles, make them feel welcome and open up lines of communication in an instant.

What clients say about me

Since taking Bea Field’s Blogging course, I am proud to say I have become a professional Blogger for Psychology Today Magazine and the Examiner.

And as a direct result of my blogs, I have been featured in The Washington Times and Washington Post, was a keynote speaker for the 2009 Congressional Black Caucus, interviewed on XM Radio several times, and interviewed by E-Myth Michael Gerber on his Radio Show. Recently, I starred in a Movie, “You Saved Me,” as a guest expert in this documentary about marriages.

All of this free media exposure is a direct result of my taking Bea’s blogging course. It has empowered me to vastly increase my level of visibility and income, with minimal out of pocket investment. For $97.00, I couldn’t imagine a better deal.”

Dr. Shane Perrault
A Professional Blogging Maniac


“Bea Fields  ‘Become a Blogging Maniac’ course has taken me from a near novice blogger to having the skills and resources of a seasoned professional blogger in a very short period of time.  I have received far greater value from the course than my financial investment; more importantly, it has been a very efficient use of my time!”

Jeff Simpkins
Community Bank Consulting, Inc.

Office Direct:  (704) 644-3868
Fax Direct:  (866) 743-6748
My Blog:  http://blog.communitybankconsulting.com/


“I completed the “Become a Blogging Maniac” course with Bea Fields and it has literally changed my life. Bea has helped to introduce me to the world of blogging and other social media tools. The course is filled with content and Bea is totally committed to making sure that everyone “gets” it. I highly recommend Bea Fields and her “Become a Blogging Maniac” course.

Jeannette Paladino
Write Speak Sell


“Bea Fields blogging maniac course was amazing! I heard about the course from so many friends that I had to take it and see for myself. In twelve weeks Bea takes you from the simple steps of setting up your blog to the advances techniques of how to market it. Just the resource library alone is worth the price she asks for the whole program! The webinars were always valuable and interactive, not a droning lecture that you tune out of 5 minutes in. She was able to give everyone individualized attention and work through problems as they arose. Being someone that already knows a lot about blogging, I still had no idea of the resources and networking websites out there to help me promote my blog. This course is great for those that are just starting out, or those that just want to expand on their skills or learn a few new tricks. I highly recommend becoming a blogging maniac!”

Holly Chantal

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Key Accomplishments

Author of:

Millennial Leaders:  Success Stories of Today’s Most Brilliant Generation Y Leaders

EDGE!  A Leadership Story

Chief Principal: The Gen Y Project

Author and Lead Instructor for the Become a Blogging Maniac online school

Author of the Bea Fields Companies, Inc. Leadership Blog

Have authored over 780 blog posts in five years

Public speaker and trainer of over 5,000 people on the topic of Generation Y and the use of new media in the workplace

Let’s Connect

I’m an active member of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Digg, so let’s connect. Also, you can receive my blogs in your email inbox or by RSS feed. Just go over to the box entitled “Sign Up and Get a Free Gift” to subscribe. Your comments on my blogs will be most welcomed.

If you’re interested in my social media coaching, consulting or training services please visit my contact page or you can call at 910-692-6118, or write to me at Bea@BeaFields.com..

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