At Age 60 Can You Really Look 40 Without Botox or Surgery? by Dolores Hagen

As you may know, I asked a large group of people to write about some topics I would love to know more about.  In about 20 minutes, I received this blog post from Dolores Hagen of Sixty and

At age 60, I believe you can look 40 by following a few simple rules. Even if the body isn’t cooperating the way we want, a youthful outlook can instantly melt away some of the ravages of aging. That means enjoying life, laughing, playing and loving a lot.

It’s never too late to have fun, to be kind, generous and adventurous. That’s the key to youthful aging.

So how can we look 10 to 20 years younger and look like the new 40?

It takes a HEAP of doing…Health, Energy, Attitude, Posture.

Health: There is so much information available today on health and beauty. Mostly that includes drugs, diets, exercise, liposuction, cosmetic surgery, etc. Yet the fundamentals of health are simple. Eat healthfully, exercise regularly, drink water, sleep seven to eight hours each night, don’t smoke, limit your drinking to a glass of wine per day, get regular dental, eye and medical checkups.

On which of these health fundamentals do you fall short? For me, it’s water, exercise and sleep, but none are extreme. So today, I will remember to drink more water and tonight I’ll go to bed early. How about you? What can you tweak to bring your health up a notch?

Energy: Without good health you will not have a lot of energy; however, there are other things that promote energy. Being with people who have a positive outlook on life, people who support you, and a loving family or partner will boost your energy. Big time energy boosters are exercise for physical energy and doing something meaningful for emotional energy.

Can you let go of people who drain your energy? Where can you be of service or inspiration to someone?

Attitude: I’m a believer in appreciating our own talents sharing them with the world. What stops so many of us is fear…fear of aging, of rejection, of making a mistake, of being ignored. To think like a young person of 40 (while smugly appreciating the added 20 years of experience) is the secret to looking younger. They are not as afraid to share their knowledge and talents with the world. When you think young, you’ll be young.

What special talents can you share? What baggy, dowdy clothing can you pull out of your closet today? When you think young, you’re eager to share your talents with the world and you’ll look the part. It will seep into the way you wear clothing, makeup, and accessories that make you look young.

Posture: You won’t see many 40-year olds slouching and dragging their feet, unless they’re sick or hurt, of course! Slumping and slouching can make anyone look older than they are. Remember in grade school when we were told to walk around with a book on our head routine? It was designed to help us walk smoothly and to stand up straight. See if you can still do it!

When you stand tall and want to look youthful, those baggy clothes won’t help. What clothing that you feel dragged-down in can you get rid of today?

Each of these HEAP essentials are interlinked. Miss one, the link is broken, and it’s hard to look young. All of them are what make up a youthful persona.

If you go shopping today, look around and observe the younger women and the older women. How do they walk and what kind of energy do they exude? What makes them look younger?

As I sit here writing this article with a cookbook on my head, I pray it doesn’t drop on my keyboard….ooooooppppps!

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