Marketing Your Self Hosted WordPress Blog

Marketing Your WordPress Self Hosted Blog

Dates:  TBA

Location:  Phone and Webinar

Course Includes:  4 (90 minute) private coaching sessions with Bea Fields and access to the past Become a Blogging Maniac library.

Cost:  $375.00

Calls will be both video and audio recorded for playback.

Please Note:  This course will be focused on using the WordPress platform.  If you are using another blog platform, you may still benefit from the program, yet we will be focusing on the use os WordPress.   This course will not cover how to set up a blog or the technical issues of using WordPress.  This course is designed for people who have an existing WordPress blog hosted on their own domain.

Week 1:  Writing Your Blog Marketing Plan

During this lesson, we will focus on:

1.  Defining your target market. The more refined your target market, the better your chances are of attracting readers to your blog.

2.  How to write blog titles so that it pulls your target market to you.

3.  Partnering with other bloggers who are also attracting your target market.  Collaboration on guest posting is key.

4.  Using assessments and forms on your blog which address the needs of your target market.

5.  Choosing 10 critical keywords that will draw your market in your direction.

6.  Introduction to social networks and finding networks that are filled with people you want to attract.

Week 2:  All About SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

During this lesson, we will focus on:

1.  How to configure an SEO plugin so that it clearly identifies what your blog is all about and pushes your blog to the top of the search engines.

2.  Using your SEO plugin to optimize each page and post for your WordPress blog.  The more you optimize each post and page, the more your blog will be found through the major search engines:  Google,, Yahoo and Bing.

3.  Post Headlines to Get Readers Excited and to Jump from the Search Engines to Your Blog.

4.  How to link your blog posts to maximize your search engine results.

5.  How to use the Digg Digg plugin to invite others to share your blog.  The more your posts are spread around, the more you will be found through search.

Week 3 :  Using Video and Podcasting to Help Your Blog Reach the Masses

During this lesson, we will focus on:

1.  Basics of creating a video and audio (we will not be spending a great deal of time on this subject)

2. Building a YouTube channel for optimizing your blog.

3. How to share and tag videos on your blog to pull your target market to your blog.

4.  How to share your videos for free with the top seven video sharing sites.

5.  Turning your video collection or podcast collection into a mini “feed” to submit your blog to iTunes.

6.  Becoming a radio start using the largest internet radio site on the internet:  Blog Talk Radio

Week 4:  Social Networking

1.  How to choose the social networking sites that will be most useful for your marketing goals.

2.  The “Big 5” Social Networking Sites:  The pros and the cons.

3.  How to schedule your week for social networking.

4.  Connecting your blog to the social networking sites so that current blog posts are automatically sent to the world of social networks.

Week 5:  All About Feedburner

1.  How to “burn” your feed so that anyone, anywhere can read your blog.

2.  How to optimize feedburner for the best results for your blog.

3.  How to publicize your feed, including getting people to subscribe by email to your blog feed.

4.  How to invite people to add your feed to their favorite reader.

Week 6:  Using Your Sidebar to Market Your Blog

1.  The most important information to add to your sidebar.

2.  Choosing a subscription management system for your business and adding an opt in box to your sidebar using a compelling offer to get people to sign up for your mailing list.

3.  How to add social networking icons and “like” buttons to your sidebar to co-market your social networking sites on your blog.

4.  Promoting your authored books in your sidebar using the Amazon widget system.

5. Plugins and widgets available for use in your sidebar.

These are just the “basics” of what we will be covering.  There are over 100 methods used to market your blog, and you will be given a list of these during the course.

Marketing Your WordPress Blog
Meeting Dates and Times: 01/09/2012-02/13/2012 from 1:00-3:00 PM US/Eastern. This 6-week course will be focused on all of the ins and outs of marketing a WordPress blog that is hosted on your own domain. If you are using another blog platform, you will still benefit from the program, and there will be times when the information will not apply to your platform. The program includes 4 (90 minute) private coaching sessions with Bea Fields. For more information, visit this page for full details.
Price: $375.00

If you are unable to check out using the above system, you may check out through the catalog system through the Bea Fields Companies, Inc. website:  The item is at the bottom of the page.

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