Teleclass: The 9 Key Elements You Must Have in Place if You Want To Own Your Niche Using Blogs and Social Media

Date: March 9, 2011 @ 1 pm EST

Free Webinar Wednesday Host Jeff Simpkins will be interviewing Bea Fields and Scott Bradley:

As an online entrepreneur are you overwhelmed, and consistently wonder where you should be placing your focus if you want to truly build a profitable company?

If so, you are in for a treat because…

On this webinar Scott and Bea are going to cover the 9 critical moving parts that you must focus on and optimize in your business to achieve entrepreneurial success.

By understanding, mastering and focusing on these 9 specific moving parts to your business, you will see an increased top and bottom line.

To be more specific, here is what you are going to learn on this power packed webinar!

  • The one key question you must ask yourself before creating a product or service that will allow you to make the most amount of money, in the shortest period of time. (Most entrepreneurs mess this up, causing them years of pain and frustration. Are you one of them?)
  • What to keep in mind before launching your product, and what to exactly think about before you start selling the product in your store, or online website! (So many entrepreneurs leave so much money on the table because of this. Don’t be one of them!)
  • The two types of traffic to drive through your website, and key tips to think about and consider before you start taking action. (If you mess this part up, you will waste thousands of dollars on marketing that doesn’t bring you any results.)
  • The mindset you must adopt if you want to be profitable with your business either online or offline. (So many business owners lose sight of this simple principle, and then wonder why they don’t reach their goals at the end of the year.)
  • One powerful copywriting trick that will help you get more attention with the words that you use in your sales copy and that will hypnotically grab the attention of your prospects faster than the speed of light.
  • How to visualize your entire business from 30,000 feet up, and make small critical decisions that will exponentially create massive results fast.
  • An unspoken truth of the internet that almost no one talks about when it comes to building a company, that will help you increase the results you get 100 fold RIGHT NOW!

And much much more!

Don’t miss out on this amazing Free Webinar Wednesday event that will positively impact your business and your life!

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Scott and Bea will also be taking questions LIVE after the content has been presented!

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How to Eat What You Want During the Holidays and STILL Lose Weight Safely by Arlene Kahn

Yesterday, I put out a blog post and call to action to anyone who wanted to blog on 20 topics I wish someone would blog about before the end of 2010.  People are responding quickly, so thank you all for your enthusiasm and for breaking through your traditional writing to add some great posts to our blogging maniac site.

I want to thank Arlene Kahn of West Windsor Psychotherapy for responding with her post on

You can eat what you want, you just can’t eat ALL that you might want, but you can eat ALL that your body wants. The name of the game is Body Attunement. You and your body are attached and there needs to be an attunement to what you want and what your body says is “enough, for now.” That means enjoying what you eat while recognizing your body’s limits.

If we give it a chance, our body is our “safe haven,” it is what carries us and in that sense, it provides a secure base from which we can dream, think, explore and still stay grounded. At the holidays though, it’s hard to stay grounded. We are flooded with food and drinks, our expectations of others, and others’ expectations of us.

With holiday returns to family, often desires are stirred, long-denied needs are re-awakened and without a “safe haven” inside ourselves, we look to spending too much money, eating too much food and drinking more than is healthy in order to try to satisfy inner cravings for being seen, appreciated, recognized and loved. This year, you can lose weight safely, by enjoying the taste of each alluring food, drinking for pleasure, not to get buzzed, and appreciating giving and receiving smaller gifts that won’t put you in debt.

Most of all, when standing or sitting in front of the chocolate cheesecake, or the rich and colorful pumpkin pie with a splash of whipped cream, try breathing and staying aware of your breathing, till you feel centered. This can keep you in touch with your body, which can keep you grounded and realistic even while we fly and dart from one experience to another. Whether the experiences are wonderful and uplifting, or disappointing or a let-down, being embodied gives us inner support, protection from over-eating out of either celebration or emotional needs. It is the ultimate road to losing weight safely during the holidays.

10 Ways to Rekindle Your Website (or Blog) And Win a New Kindle by Andy O’Bryan

Andy O'Brien is a Marketing and Business Consultant and the Author of The Apostrophe: The Andy O'Bryan Blog

OK, with just over 200,000 minutes left in the year it’s time to count down the top 10 ways to re-kindle your website.  This is a great snapshot of the 10 quick things you can do by Andy O’Bryan (thanks Andy!)

If you’d like to be one of 3 people who will win an Amazon Kindle in the month of July, just book an  appointment with  Andy O’Brien (and keep it!) to review your website (no purchase necessary).

You can do that by clicking here

He’ll take a look at what’s good and what’s not-so-good about your site, and give you solid recommendations on how to bring in more business with it, or get more traffic to it, or both.

So I hope you’ll take Andy up on this, and you may just win a Kindle in the process!

Now, here are the 10 ways to re-kindle your site by Andy O’Brien:

1. Headline
If you don’t have one on every page, then people are probably clicking away pre-maturely. There are ways to have a headline that’s compelling but not in-your-face, hypey and awful.

2. No exit doors
Don’t have too many links to other people’s sites, schools where you got certified, or even the link to the person who designed the site. Unless two things happen: It opens up in a new window and/or the person is also linking back to you.

3. Focus on takeaways and outcomes Easily missed.
These are the benefits of working with you or getting your product. Don’t leave these out.

4. All about them, less about you.
Count up the I’s and Me’s on your site, and if they outnumber the You’s then you’ll need to fix that.

5. Emotions of your target market
What will they be feeling after they work with you?

6. Tell your own success Story
What have you been through, what drove you to do what you’re doing, or what’s your own before and  after story?

7. Find the Weakest link
What’s the worst part about your site? Find it and fix it. It could be copy or technical or both, but look at it with an unbiased set of eyes, or have a friend do it.

8. Call to action
Have it on every page!

9. Give reasons why you’re different
This is your unique selling proposition and you must have one, something that differentiates you from the rest of the fish in the sea.

10. Paragraphs, no more than 5 lines long
For the most part people will not read long paragraphs on the web. They will click away. So throw out the Elements of Style and write in a way that caters to short attention spans.

I encourare you to get connected with Andy today and get automatically registered to win one of 3 Kindles.  He’s giving away this month (no purchase necessary) just click this link to open up his scheduler.

Bea Fields Companies, Inc. is not receiving any material benefit from endorsing this service.  I just like Andy and want to send along his great ideas to you!.

50 Ideas On Using Twitter for Business by Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan has a great blog post on 50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business.

Everyone who is using Twitter should read this.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Blog: To Build The Power of Trust

As you all are aware, we have been through a very rocky time in the last 3-5 years, and the last year has been a nightmare for millions of people.  The trust and respect for American leaders is waning, and there is overwhelming pressure on business leaders to over communicate to their stakeholders and to add ongoing value.  The more people read and hear from the media, the more questions they ask.  When questions are not addressed, trust is shattered.  The more people receive perks, benefits and freebies, the more value people want.  The public wants to be educated, they want wow service, and they want to know that they can go to the vendors and businesses they purchase from to get their answers.

In our world today that there are some emotionally driven questions that people are asking/wondering about that is going to require you to start blogging if you are not.  I use the word require, because without a tool like blogging, you cannot keep the public updated throughout the day on important changes which are happening literally by the hour (or even by the minute!)

1) Can I trust this company?

2) Is my money really safe?

3) If I buy from this company, are they going to deliver on their promises?

4) Is this company the real thing…or is this a scam?

5) Does this business owner or company really know what they are talking about?

6) Will this company answer my questions when they come up?

I had a client write me yesterday, and here is what he said…”From your blog and the speed with which you responded to my e-mail, I can see why you are successful.”  This is not to brag to you…I work very hard with blogging and responding to e-mail, so this was the biggest compliment I could have received.  He went on to say that the blog adds value to his life every day…that if he has a question about business or leadership, he knows that I will always find the answer and respond to him asap.

Here are just a few points to consider about why you should blog to build trust with your stakeholders:

1) Companies who are smart enough to stay in touch daily with their customers during these rocky times can target their products and services to meet what I call the “right now” demands of the public.

2) By using a blog, you can create a highly interactive and entertaining experience for your clients and stakeholders.  Yes…entertaining!  People of today want an experience, and they want to be entertained.

3) Blogging can position you as someone who really cares about what other people have to say.  All blogs come with a commenting feature…and if you are using that commenting feature to your advantage, you will begin to see repeating patterns and themes in what people really want and need in their lives.  At the end of the day, most people just want to know that they have a voice in building out your brand.  A blog can give your stakeholders the opportunity to share their opinion.

4) With a blog, you can follow the repeating patterns of comments/complaints/praise and act right now…rather than waiting until something really blows up in your face.  You can address small issues that can become big issues later.

5) With a blog, you can build out a relationship with your customers before they become your customers.  Business is all about building relationships.  You can have the most beautiful business or web presence, but if you are not building relationships, you will have a very difficult time selling your products and services.

6) A blog can give your company a platform for both collaboration and innovation.  It is not uncommon for the introverts in your company to sit by quietly, going about their work and not making waves.  With a blog, your less verbal employees can contribute to the conversation by commenting and blogging.

7)  A blog can be used to share your expertise with the public.  As I always say…if I am going to have heart surgery, I want the best heart surgeon available.  The same holds true in all business.  If you are sharing your expertise through blogging, people will see you as highly credible before they even meet you..

The Top 50 Best Business Blogs for 2008

This post is from Business Pundit Blog.

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Some blogs truly define today’s business voice. These blogs represent a healthy mixture of independent and mainstream voices, prominent academics and small business owners with equally strong opinions.

We compiled a completely biased sampling of our 50 favorite blogs, sorted by category. The categories are neither based on anything official nor are representations within them equal. For example, we have included a ridiculous number of finance and investing blogs, an industry where coverage truly stood out this year. It is possible that we have forgotten other categories.

However smattered the designations on this list, rest assured that every single one of these blogs is worth reading. If you find something missing, or want to show off your own blog, we encourage you to comment.

Here they are, categorically sorted, and alphabetically ordered:

Dim Bulb Author and
critic Jonathan Salem Baskin picks apart ads and marketing campaigns, then offers advice on how to do them right. Hint: Watch the branding.

Business Leaders
Jonathan’s Blog Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz is arguably the best exec blogger in the ’sphere.

Blog Maverick, Mark Cuban’s blog. Commentary on various issues that Mark Cuban is interested in. Makes readers feel like an insider to the upwardly mobilized.

Business Travel
The Economist’s Gulliver is not only one of the best business travel blogs on the Web, it is one of the only ones.

All Roads Lead to China provides economic and business analysis and news from China, by an American expert.

Customer Issues
Church of the Customer covers customer evangelism. Useful for both companies and individuals.

The Consumerist looks at business from a consumer-rights standpoint while remaining remarkably readable and informative.

Practical ECommerce lives up to its name, offering really useful advice and tips for those with online presences.

Marginal Revolution: Tyler/Tyrone Cowen and Alex Tabarrok author one of the Web’s essential economics blogs.

Freakanomics Blog at the New York Times: The authors of Freakonomics present…more Freakonomics! This econ blog is a treat.

Economics Roundtable offers useful daily econ- and business links.

In Beat the Press, Economist Dean Baker points out flaws and missteps in economic reporting, often giving valuable insight in the process.


Toilet Paper Entrepreneur: Mike Michalowicz offers invaluable tips, resources, and networking/exposure opportunities for new entrepreneurs in this innovative blog.

Environmental Sustainability

The Oil Drum gives thorough peak oil and enviro-news opinion and analysis.

Financial News and Investing
Steadfast Finances offers down-to-earth tips and coverage of finance, for everyday folks.

Financial Armageddon: Author Michael J. Panzner covers the carnage using media and official outlets.

Seeking Alpha compiles reports and commentary from more than 2,000 contributors, making it a information hub and one-stop shop for an assortment of financial information.

Market Movers at Conde Nast Portfolio: Felix Salmon blogs on the financial industry all day at this blog. And he does a mighty good job of it.

Credit Writedowns offers the best credit crisis coverage on the Web.

Calculated Risk: Lending, mortgages, indices, and cutting-edge macroeconomic coverage–Calculated Risk covers it all, one step ahead of the rest.

Financial Times’ Alphaville Deftly filtered real-time coverage of market activity, from the UK but covering the US and EU as well.

Abnormal Returns is the perfect place to browse updated, smartly filtered links on investing.

The Franchise King Blog is an invaluable resource for franchisers and those interested in the business.

Generational Blogs

These were tricky to sort out. No single blog covers all of a generation’s issues, but some blogs address those issues while primarily focusing on some other aspect of business. Here are our picks:

Baby Boomer: My Retirement Blog
Gen-X: Startup Addict and Gen X Finance
Gen-Y: Employee Evolution

Human Resources

HR Bartender integrates current news, events, and tips into a comprehensive and elegant HR resource.

HR Wench offers frank, pithy, and entertaining advice on real-life
human resources

India’s Arun Prabhudesai shares startup, Internet, entrepreneurship, and other business buzz from India.

Influence Science
Incentive Intelligence covers the sometimes-mysterious world of incentives, rewards, and influence in a very readable and interesting blog.

Endless Innovation’s lengthier, insightful posts on innovation inspire and inform.

TechCrunch: Stop here first for tech news.

Silicon Alley Insider provides essential snark about Silicon Valley.

The Business of IT provides carefully considered posts relevant to IT departments across the board.

Job Search Issues
Unemploymentality gets to the heart of the unemployed, well, mentality.

The Wall Street Journal’s Laid off and Looking follows eight laid-off MBAs through their job searches, offering insight from the ground.

The Practice of Leadership offers inspiration, motivation, and tips for leaders.

Duct Tape Marketing: John Jantsch continues to do
small business
marketing well in this classic blog.

shares a wealth of useful information on copywriting for online marketing and other businesses.

Seth Godin’s Blog: The Oracle of Marketing speaks.

Opinion (Various Topics)
The Brazen Careerist Penelope Trunk offers a columnist’s wit and insight on a variety of work-related issues.

Coyote Blog provides thought-provoking commentary on a variety of business-related topics by an independent thinker.

Pharmalot Pharma journalist Ed Silverman covers the industry with pleasing professionalism.

Private Equity

PE Hub makes private equity not only interesting, but cool.

Public Relations
Edelman Blog: PR guru Richard Edelman writes about PR and reputation management.

Regulatory Issues
SOX First focuses on Sarbanes-Oxley management and compliance, but covers a wider range of issues.

Social Networking
Riveting Rosie talks about social networking,
, and a variety of other topics from an insider’s perspective.

Thought Leaders
Harvard Business Review’s Monitor Talent Group Blog provides stimulating posts by today’s great thinkers.

The Becker-Posner Blog provides impressive, thorough commentary by two eminent minds: Nobel-winning economist Gary Becker and US Court of Appeals judge Richard Posner.

Learned on Women talks trends, insights, marketing, and leadership for women and business.

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Marketing in Our Web 2.0 World

Many people contact me and ask me what Web 2.0 is and why they should use it. Simply put, Web 2.0 is the set of tools we are all now using to build both social and professional connections and to be able to collaborate online. Web 2.0 includes blog, wikis, Facebook, Twitter, and the list goes on.

This blog topic on the Wall Street Journal will help you begin to understand how Web 2.0 can be used to market your business effectively and to build out your network over the next few years. The goal with Web 2.0 is not to enforce “push marketing” but to use “pull marketing” to engage with people who can then trust you enough to want to do business with you (Duh…I am not sure what has really changed on this front!)

During the Become a Blogging Maniac course, we will be addressing how to effectively use social media as a way to build relationships and the credibility you need to add ongoing value to your potential customers. The goal with social networking is to build relationships so that you can help people out…answer their questions, teach them how to do something or provide them with a valuable resource.

I do hope you can join us on January 5 for the Become a Blogging Maniac Course. We will not only be discussing this topic at length, but all participants will be actively engaging new people online every day during our 12 week program. It is going to be a great deal of fun and hard work…and in the end…so well worth it!.

3 Great Ways to Market Your Blog

1. My Blog Log
My Blog Log is one of my favorite blogging social networks. Once you join, you will be given a small amount of code to paste in your blog which will help you track your visitors, and a piece of code to add a small widget so that you can see who’s visiting your blog. Once you are a member of My Blog Log, begin visiting the members’ area of the website and start getting to know people who you find interesting. Reach out to them for a telephone conversation about how you can strike a professional JV relationship.

2. Create Great Links, Trackbacks, Categories and Hot News
I do not recommend filling your blog with links just to get Google’s attention…your blog may come across as spam. I do, however, encourage you to use links, trackbacks, and categories which are relevant to your current blog posts. I am somewhat of a news junkie, so I start my day by reading the hot news on CNN, and I then watch Fox or Headline News when I work out. I then will blog about something hot in the news and link several great articles back to my current post.

3. Blog for Fast Company offers members the ability to host a member blog on their website. This tool will give you instant exposure and will bump your posts up to the top of Google in a heartbeat. Simply go to the site, sign up to host a member blog and then use your blog url at the bottom of your posts. Blogs which are business, leadership or technology-related are best for this blog, but this process does work (I know…I have 2 blogs on their site!) Please, please do not use push marketing on their blogging tool. They will remove your blog from their system quickly if you do this.

If you enjoyed these marketing suggestions, we will be providing you with 30 more equally powerful tools in the Become a Blogging Maniac course.

For more information on Become a Blogging Maniac, enter here.

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Do You Hate Networking…Well It’s Time to Get Over It!

I think I have only met 2 people in my life who say they LOVE networking. One is a colleague of mine by the name of Dan Askins. He is by far the best networker I have ever met in my life…gregarious, never met a stranger and can tell a story like no one I have ever met. I can always count on leaving events laughing if Dan is there.

The other person I have met who says she loves networking will remain nameless, because she is a bit on the obnoxious side. She is one of those people that most folks run away from at a networking event.

But here’s the deal…if you want to make things happen over the next year, you have to get out there and network, and one of the best ways to start that process (especially for introverts) is through blogging.

Now…here’s the catch. With blogging networking, you can’t just sit behind your computer screen and write. You have to watch who’s reading your blog and who’s commenting, and you have to then reach out to them by e-mail, telephone or IM. Two tools that can help you with this process are My Blog Log and Blog Catalog. That’s the way all networking works…you connect, find someone interesting, and you take the relationship to something more meaningful (I guess like dating…eh…not really like dating, but you get the gist.)

Over the past year, I have met hundreds of really cool people through blogging: Ryan Coleman, Scott Bradley, Mike Michalowicz, Greg Rollet, Erik Semmelhack, Ryan Paugh and Vanessa Van Petten just to name a few. We connected by blogging, then took the conversation to the phone, I interviewed most of them, and I am now huge fans of their work, and we are staying connected so that we can help each other out this year. But…this would not have happened had I not been watching who was coming and going and noticing what is going on in the world.

So, I encourage you today to get over the networking thing…it’s not going to help you to stay hidden!

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The Top Ten Reasons You Need a Blog

1. With a blog, you can build instant credibility.

2. You will get out of that awful revolving door of having to constantly pay your web designer to update your static website.

3. You will be able to continually add value back to your clients.

4. You can use the content from your blog in your newsletter.

5. A blog can be used for research and development purposes.

6. You can meet a lot of really great people in the blogosphere.

7. If you are writing a book, you can use your blog as a great platform to write and write and write!

8. A blog can triple as a journal, podcast and video site.

9. It is a great way to stay in touch daily with the public.

10. Because Andy Wibbels says it’s a great thing to do…and I always do what Andy Wibbels tells me to do!

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