Make Creating Forms Easy with Gravity Forms

I found a great tool last week:  Gravity Forms.

It is a form builder for WordPress does come with a small $39.00 fee but is so easy.  It is a drag and drop system that just allows you to click a feature and it automatically show in your form.  The tool loads like a plugin inside your dashboard, and you can both build and review completed form inside your dashboard.  No more running out to a 3rd party site to see what forms are filled out (and you also receive a completed form by email if you choose).

Here is what the forms look like once loaded:

Go to the pages in the top navigation for Sell Land, Sell Timber, Landowners and Investors and you can see how the forms look.   Each form can be edited for you as the administrator to receive a copy of the form once submitted and the visitor gets a copy (if you choose that option).   If you look at the forms on these pages, you will see that the tool gives you the ability to use radio buttons, narrative boxes, multiple choice, check boxes, captcha codes, drop down menus for states and countries and the list goes on.

I am not receiving any material benefit from promoting this product.  I just feel it is a great tool for WordPress.

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Survey: Do You Want Your Bank to Be Blogging?

Blogging for Bankers is conducting a survey on the impact the presence of a blog may (or may not) have on the bank selection process. We have created short surveys (based on age range) that comprise of two simple questions and should not take any longer than 5 minutes to complete.

To participate, please click the link below to the survey and choose the survey which represents your age range and respond to the questions. Your responses are completely anonymous and the survey will remain open through the end of March. To ensure survey integrity, we ask that you only complete the survey once.

We look forward to your input and thank you for taking time to share your thoughts with us.