Ghost Writing is Fraud by Andy Wibbels

Andy Wibbels has a great post up from February 17:

Ghost Writing is Fraud

I encourage you to read this, as I do agree with Andy on this topic.  If someone is ghostwriting your blog, and if you are passing it off as your own, then you are basically lying to the public.

Read the post here..

Got Blogger’s Block? Try Using Photography to Jumpstart Your Creativity

Over the last few weeks, I have truly had blogger’s block (yeah…similar to writer’s block but for bloggers…I am sure there is some name out there for this, so I will need to check that out to make sure I am using the correct terminology.)

I woke up this morning, and I was dreading writing my blog post for Bea  And suddenly, I thought of the blogs written by Annie Hart, Elizabeth Cassidy, Jeannette Paladino, Corey Blake and Shane Perrault.  I went to their blogs, and I realized that they are fabulous with the use of photography in their blogs.

So, I went out to Google images, Fotolia and i-Stock photos and just started looking at photos of stressed out leaders.  You will see why by reading my blog post over at Bea

Suddenly, I had a burst of inspiration, began writing, and in less than 30 minutes, the blog post was done.

So, if you are feeling like you are bumping up against blogger’s block…try a bit of photography or video to get your juices flowing.

And…thank-you to Annie, Elizabeth, Jeannette, Shane and Corey for your constant doses of inspiration…you are very contagious! (and in a great way!).

Want Fresh Content for Your Blog? Use these 11 Ideas to Start Blogging About Future Trends

I am a big believer in blogging about current news…really, because people are always interested in the latest buzz.

But, as we all know, the latest “buzz” usually lasts for about 72 hours, and then we’re onto another story.  So, I am also big on talking about what the futurists are saying about trends on the horizon and how those are going to impact our world.

The following ten suggestions will give you access to cutting edge content about future trends…just by looking through these sites, you will begin to uncover ideas that will keep your blog fresh and up to date:

1) List your site with to get the media’s attention quickly.

2) Go to and create a word cloud for the right of your blog. With Wordle, you can see what the most used words are on your blog, and you can capture the attention of the public quickly by using hot words in your posts and in the tags on your blog.

3) Follow the most cutting edge journals in the financial industry…no matter how offbeat they may seem.

4) Follow online trends, and blog about those trends:

5) Go to and look at the trends for 2009 and beyond. You can get a few excerpts here: I do recommend their newsletter, as they do stay on top of current trends.

6) Follow trends in business, science, health and beauty through this site:

7) Blog about consumer products:

8) Discuss the latest research reports published by

9) Follow Fast Company Magazine: The magazine highlights “leading edge” companies, and you will find numerous stories that are fascinating that tie back into your business practices.

10) Follow, and to see what business gurus are talking about.  You will always discover some type of connection back to your industry and your topic.

11) Listen closely to the conversations happening on Twitter and Facebook.   Here are a few of the sites to follow the big trends/conversations on Twitter:

Twitter Search



I hope this helps you just a pinch in finding new ideas for your next blog post!

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