Top 20 Reasons Why You Should Write a Blog on Your Own Domain

I think therefore I blog picturePeople ask me every day why they should blog.   In all honesty, I cannot find a good reason why a company or business owner should have a static website over a blog, because Google LOVES new, fresh content.  While I feel that some companies may just not want the hassle and still want this fabulous looking static website, the truth is this:  People are not going to hire you because you have the best looking website on the internet.  While this may help, it is not the determining factor.

On the other hand, people do want to know that you know your stuff.  So, if you are a business owner, here are the 20 reasons I believe you should blog, and these are all from my own personal experiences of having been a blogger since 2005.

1.   To establish credibility.  Once you learn to blog, your articles can demonstrate your knowledge and your true commitment to your industry.

2.   To repurpose articles, podcasts and video. If you have a library of articles you have written, you can use a tool such as Article Architect or Article Spinner to rewrite an oldie but goody article as a blog post.

3.   To increase your ranking on Google, Bing, Ask and Yahoo.  Search engines love blogs, because search engines love valuable, rich content.  If you are truly committed to blogging on a regular basis (at least two times per week), your site will get crawled more frequently and a stronger ranking in the search engines.

4.   Your own work is showcased on your own blog on your own domain. With a blog, your articles live on your own site, not on an article directory or on another domain like, Blogspot or Typepad.

5.   Your blog entries live online forever. Unless you get banned from the search engines, your blog posts will live on the internet for a lifetime (unless the search engines choose to delete old posts).

6.    On a self hosted blog, you can do just about anything to make it look great and function the way you want it to. By using plugins (similar to apps for an iPhone), you can add audio, video, slide shows, photographs, opt in boxes, pop up windows, advertising, your recent tweets on Twitter and scores of other things to make your blog the hub of your marketing.

7.    With a self hosted blog, you can invite other people to become guest authors for your blog. Once you get into guest authoring, those authors will link back to your blog, giving you more visibility and more strength on Google

8.    With a self hosted blog, you are in control of your site…not someone else. Many business owners complain that their assistant or webmaster holds the keys to their websites, and they are often left stranded without a way to get into their websites to make changes or update the site.  With a blog, it is simple…you log in, find your page you want to update, and in five minutes, you are up and running.

9.    To post upcoming events. With a blog, you can host an events page and place a nice events logo in the sidebar of your blog.

10.  You automatically get a link building structure. With a blog, you can categorize posts, use a search feature and a recent posts section to make it easy for visitors to find the information they want to find.

11.  With a blog, you can syndicate it using something called RSS (Real Simple Syndication). With RSS, people can download your blog into their reader, subscribe by email to read your blog or add it to their desktop reader in a snap.

12.  Each time you blog, you are adding one more content rich page to your blog for Google to grab. With a website, you may have 10-20 pages,  With a blog, you can have 1,000 content rich pages.  In one year alone, if you choose to blog every day, you can build 365 new pages with rich content that Google will grab and pull into their system.  By adding strong keywords to each post you write, people who may have never heard of you can find you by using unique keywords designed for niche audiences.

13.  You can design pages to include content that is unique to you. With the newer WordPress templates, you can build a blog that looks just like a website, which includes pages which look just like static pages.  The only difference is that once again…you are in control of what you put on your pages and how you update and change those pages.

14.  Each time you write a post, you can optimize that post for Google and the other big search engines. Studio Press offers templates which come with an area to fill out all information for the search engines, including the Title of your blog, description and keywords.  The same mission can be accomplished using a plugin by the name of the All In One SEO Pack.

15.  You will become a much better writer. If you blog on a consistent basis, trust me….you will become a better writer.

16.  You will become a more creative thinker. With a blog, it is often hard to think of “what to write about”, and with some creative thinking, you can pull a subject that is indirectly related to your niche and tie it back in to a topic your target audience will want to read.

17.  You can make money from blogging. For more on this topic, read our post 12 Ways to Make Money By Blogging.

18.  You will expand your network. In the last four years, I have met over 500 people that I either did not know or only knew by name.  I now feel that my network is stronger and more personal.

19.  You can use your blog posts to jumpstart a strong profile and posts on the social networks. With a few tools added to your blog, your posts can automatically be sent to FacebookTwitter, Linked In and about 20 other social networking sites.

20.  Hosting a blog can either be no cost or very low cost. To operate a self hosted blog on a hosting company like Host Gator or Blue Host can be as low as $6.00 per month.  To build your blog, you can use free templates or buy a template for about $59.00.  This is so much cheaper than a website designed by someone for $2500-5000.00.  I know…I’ve been that route, and I felt like I really was not getting what I truly wanted from this process.  Because blog templates are so inexpensive, I can change my look whenever I want it without feeling the pinch in my wallet.

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12 Ways to Make Money By Blogging

1. Write great content and sell coaching, consulting and technical services. People do have to feel that you are an expert before they hire you!  If you write valuable content and prove to the public that you know your stuff, you will be so much more successful when it comes to acquiring new clients.

2. Sell your own digital products.  Pdf white papers, research reports, podcasts, tutorials, e-books, powerpoint presentations, assessments and video presentations are top sellers.  Just make sure the content is yours (written by you), valuable, original and beautifully presented.  The internet is saturated with digital content, so make sure it is worth selling.

3. Sell other people’s products for an affiliate fee. When selling other programs for an affiliate fee, make sure you have purchased and/or used the product and that you feel great about endorsing and selling the product on your blog.  Also, add a line to the page which states that you are receiving an affiliate fee by endorsing this product (required by the Federal Trade Commission).   You can start the search for affiliate products by going to Clickbank, but I would be more inclined to contact the people you know to see what types of affiliate fees they pay and more about the programs you can sell for them.

4. Sell advertising in your sidebar. In order to sell advertising in your sidebar, you are going to need to prove that your site is receiving a very large volume of traffic (thousands of new visitors every month) .  You will want to look at your Google Page rank (a rank above 5 is a strong selling point), your Alexa ranking and then see what your competitors are charging for their ads.  To get an idea of what blog ads are going for these days, visit, BlogAds or Digital Point to get a ballpark idea on selling advertising.

5. Write book reviews for authors. When you become a well known blogger, everyone and their grandmother will be asking you to “read my book” and endorse it.  This could become a full time job.  I recommend that you ask for a chapter of the book, look at the website connected to the book and who is already endorsing the book and then make the decision if you will write the review.  This forum answer on Kindle will give you an answer as to how much to actually charge…basically what you feel comfortable charging.  You can also simply go to Google and type in “How much should I charge for a book review?” and see what pops up.

6. Sell text links inside a blog post. If you have a “links page”, there are not many people who will visit that page or have any interest in it.  But, if you are writing a blog post and insert a text link inside the post, then the chances of that link getting clicked goes way up.  I recommend starting with $10.00 per link and see where that takes you.

7. Promote public speaking with a media and public speaking page. I am amazed at how many people do not have a media page on their blogs.  In today’s world, this is critical if you are a trainer or public speaker.  For more information on what to include, you can view my media kit on my Bea Fields Companies blog.  You will also want a speaker one sheet, so check out how Nathan Brown designed mine:  Download Bea Fields’ Speaker One Sheet. To see more about what to include in your press kit, visit PressKit247 to take a peek at what other people are adding to their kits.

8. If you offer ANY free services, extras, comp sessions, add a Pay Pal donation button to your sidebar. Add a Pay Pal donation button and a call to action that reads something like this:  ” If you feel you have received benefit from our complimentary consultations or content you have received from our blog, we do accept donations if you are inclined to donate to the blog.  Our commitment is to continuing to provide value, and your donations are greatly appreciated.”  WordPress offers a plugin to add a Pay Pal donation button to your sidebar or you can build your own.  Here is a great article on eHow on the process for adding a donation button to your blog.

9. Sell your blog on Amazon using Kindle. With Kindle Publishing, you can now add your blog as an item to actually sell on Kindle.   Just head over to Kindle Publishing and start the submission process.

10. Sell your services on Craig’s List.  This is a bit of a long shot, but if you are someone who offers say a one time service like blog set up, sales letter writing, copywriting, graphic design or the like, you can post an ad on Craig’s list and send people to your blog to view your portfolio.

11. Offer a recurring monthly membership fee on your site. I have to say that this approach is not as popular as it once was during a booming economy.  People are shying away from recurring monthly fees.  Having said that, if your content is truly unique, valuable, attractive and cannot be found anywhere else on the internet, then go for it!  I would recommend that you have at least 50 items in your digital library before you begin selling a monthly fee and then add 10 items every month, or you will lose subscribers.

12. Sell other products using Google Adsense. Many people sell on their blogs using Google Adsense.  With correct programming, Google Adsense can automatically populate ads on your site each time you write a post.  As with point 1, you will want to make sure that your content is really strong and valuable and that it is optimized for the search engines.  Otherwise, people will not be clicking on your Google Adsense ads.  There is also one tiny catch here…you cannot really determine what ads will show on your site.   If you are a business consultant, an ad for pet products may pop up, so just know that before going down this road.

In closing, here is what I would recommend.  If you are going to use the above 12 points, I would highly recommend opening a blog about internet marketing, running an online store, how to make money on the internet or anything related to making more money.  Then, use the above techniques as a way to not only make money but to model to others how to use this approach.  If you are trying to position yourself as someone who markets to high level executives, the world of academics or an elite professional audience, the above sales-oriented approach with banner ads, advertising and Google adsense may (may is the operative word here) turn your target market away.  Just know that hundreds, if not thousands, of people make money using the above approaches, and if you are dedicated to this on a daily basis, you can make money while you sleep.

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