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Plug Ins | Blogging Courses and Blog Llibrary With Become a Blogging Maniac

Make Podcasting a Breeze with Audioboo.fm

I want to thank Morgine Jurdan of http://peacefulpetpassing.com , who is one of our bloggers in both the Become a Blogging Maniac Program and the My Blogging Mentor Program for suggesting this outstanding tool…Audioboo.fm

For those of you who enjoy podcasting and own an i-Phone or Android, you are going to love, love, love http://audioboo.fm.

Rather than try to explain what this application can do for you, I have created a quick tutorial to explain what to do and how to do it!


This is an flv. file, so you will need a flash player to watch the file.

You can see Audioboo in its finished form on http://beafields.com/blog in the middle sidebar.

This is slick!  It took less than 4 minutes to create the audio, and it was up and on my blog in about 2 minutes.  So, for those of you who love to podcast and want to do it on the fly, this is a must have!



Join us for My Blogging Mentor and gain access to hundreds of tools just like Audioboo.fm.  We love low or no cost tools to help our businesses thrive!.

My Favorite Plug-In of 2009: the WPTouch iPhone Theme Plug-In

I know that there’s an app for everything and a plug-in for everything, but the one plug-in that I have most adored for 2009 is the WPTouch plug-in.  It is modeled after the i-phone “look” and lets your blog load like lightning speed on an i-phone, Blackberry or touch screen phones.

Rather than having your entire site load (which can often be ugly and distorted and of course super, super tiny) on a touch-screen, your blog loads with posts and dates (or the user can switch to RSS mode or go to your home page).  But…at the end of the day, if readers just want to read your posts, they can quickly scan your blog post titles, categories and keywords and voila…get what they want in a snap!

This plug-in gets 5 stars from me for 2009.

If you are an i-phone, Blackberry or touch-screen phone user, go to http://beafields.com or http://blog.becomeabloggingmaniac.com to see how this site looks on the phone..