Make Podcasting a Breeze with

I want to thank Morgine Jurdan of , who is one of our bloggers in both the Become a Blogging Maniac Program and the My Blogging Mentor Program for suggesting this outstanding tool…

For those of you who enjoy podcasting and own an i-Phone or Android, you are going to love, love, love

Rather than try to explain what this application can do for you, I have created a quick tutorial to explain what to do and how to do it!

This is an flv. file, so you will need a flash player to watch the file.

You can see Audioboo in its finished form on in the middle sidebar.

This is slick!  It took less than 4 minutes to create the audio, and it was up and on my blog in about 2 minutes.  So, for those of you who love to podcast and want to do it on the fly, this is a must have!



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The 3 Most Important Questions to Answer if You Think You Have Writer’s Block

Each day, I work with leaders and business owners who have to write…memos, speeches, e-mails, blogs and books.  It is not uncommon to hear “Well…I did not get it done.  I think I have writer’s block.”  So…if this sounds like you, please listen to the podcast below and answer the questions which I ask here:

1)   What is really causing the writers block? This could be fatigue, stress, too much activity OR…it could be that you simply don’t want to write.  If you are just not wanting to write, spend a few minutes talking through what you want to write.  Record it into a microphone and then use a speech to text piece of software like Dragon Naturally Speaking or the speech recognition software that comes with most computers.

2)   On a scale of 1-10, how vivid is your imagination? Are you staring at the same walls, bookshelves and people every day?  If so, it might just be time to get out and spice things up.  Go to a great bookstore, restaurant you’ve never been to or head out for a sexy night on the town…a bit of salsa dancing and great music may just do the trick.

3)   How often are you telling yourself you have writers block? To be honest, I don’t really believe in writers block.  I think it’s something we all make up as a way to get out of having to write.  The best way to get out of writers block is to write is to stop telling yourself this story and write A LOT!  I highly recommend early morning journaling (random, stream of consciousness writing) and blogging.  Blogging is a tool that can get you out of writers block in a snap.  If you want to get out of writer’s block, write on your blog every day…you will be so surprised at how quickly your “writer’s block” becomes a flood of great ideas to write about.

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