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I just discovered a new tool to learn the rankings of key words you are searching. It’s called LSI  From How it Works: “This tool searches the top 10 in Google for a phrase you like to rank highly for. Then it collects all the text from these 10 result pages and calculate the most used words and phrases on these pages. It then orders them by number of times used. With this data you know exactly why these pages rank highly in Google. It’s all about theming and using LSI Keywords.” You will see your key phrase in the top ranking pages, and how often your key phrase is being used in the top search engine results. It searches every sentence, titles, H1-H3, image alt tags, Meta-keywords and Meta-description.

Here is how a sample query result looks for “executive media training.”  If you go the site there is a video by a user that describes just how it works.




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Jeannette Paladino’s Blog Scores Topw With a 97 on Website Grader

Picture of Jeannette Paladino recently received a grade of 97 out of 100 on Congrats Jeannette!

I want to take this time to congratulate Jeannette Paladino on her score of 97 on  You can only get a maximum of 100, and I bet she will be there soon.

Jeannette is someone who joined the Become a Blogging Maniac program a little over a year ago.  She knew a little bit about blogging but has now truly become an expert.  She gets hundreds of hits to her blog each day, AND she is getting hired to write for other people.  She came in determined to make this work for her, and it has.

So, check out Jeannette’s blog today…you will learn so much by seeing how she does what she does.

Congratulations Jeannette!

4 Great Tools for Boosting Your Site to the Top of Google

People are always looking for ways to get their blogs higher up in the search engine rankings.

Today, I want to recommend a few tools for this purpose.

1.  Alicia Smith sent along the “Cherry Picker” tool yesterday for finding niche markets.  The tool is free, and it is great.  Go here to get it:

2.  I recommend grading your website using  The site will grade your website (0-100) to tell you how strong your site is and to give you suggestions on how to improve your site.  My site ranked 95, and Jeannette Paladino’s site ranked a whopping 97!  So, check that out.

3.  Look at hiring someone like Eric Cook.  He is an SEO master and also designs websites…AND he designs website with SEO in mind. (He’s also fun and cute!)  I also recommend Nina East. She really knows how to build a blog and can get your blog tweaked and moving in the direction of more hits from Google.

4.  SEO Pressor:  This tool is fabulous!   Tis a simple yet powerful WordPress plugin that you simply install and activate, and then the magic happens… You tell the plugin what keyword you were trying to rank for on all your existing posts, and it then gives you a score out of 100 – the higher the score the better your SEO efforts.  It is not free.  It does come with a cost, but I do think it’s worth it!

So, get out there today and start hitting it!

And…don’t forget…the Become a Blogging Maniac Course is coming again starting next Monday, August 2.  We will be offering a large number of tools just like these 3 to help your blog become well known to the public.

Write Popular Eye-Grabbing Posts Using a New Firefox Plug-In: SEO Blogger

A great new add-on for Firefox has changed my life!  This information was sent along by Roger DeWitt (

SEO Blogger gives you the ability to write a post and have Wordtracker tell you what hot keywords are out there in the world of the web. You can of course then add these keywords to your blog to make it really pop.

Get the full story here.

Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like. You simply install the plug-in, and when you to go write a post, you will see a little “W” in the right side of your bottom taskbar. Click on the “W”, and the SEO Blogger opens. Then…post away using great keywords!