Dr. Ron Paul: A Testament to the Power of Generation Y and Social Networks

On Friday, December 16, Dr.  Ron Paul ran a “money bomb” campaign.  His goal was to raise $4 million.

Today, Monday, December 19, Dr.  Ron Paul has raised over $4,100,000.00.

His secret?  Online social networking through Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.

He also has a powerful tool in his pocket:  The under 30 voter.  While voter apathy is a concern with this demographic, voter turnout for President Obama showed that the under 30 crowd pushed him over the top.  There are over 78 million voters under the age of 30.  While all are not registered, even 5% of this demographic is close to 4 million voters.  The reason for Generation Y’s support of Dr. Paul?  Generation Y’s biggest value is freedom, and Dr. Paul has been talking freedom for the last 24 years

Just watch this video below, and you will hear more about why the youngest demographic is behind the veteran Congressman.  And…just a side note.  Most Gen Y’s will tell you that they listen more to their grandparents than their parents.  They see wisdom and experience in our more senior leaders.

The point here is this:  You may or may not like Ron Paul, but he has proved to us all that if you are blogging and bombarding online social networks with your name and message, that online social networking works!  As a business owner, you too can make this happen, but only with commitment and a team of people who can spread your message to the masses.  This approach to fundraising worked for President Obama and it is working for Dr. Paul.

Video from the Jay Leno show last week:

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A young man struggles against the pressure to Twitter his life away.


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Are You Connecting Your Blog to Linked In? If Not, Do This Today!

As many of you know, Linked In is one of the hottest social networks out there today, and it does have a very professional culture to it.

There is a great feature with Linked-In:  The ability to import your blog posts into your account and also to share blog posts with groups you are a member of using the news area.  So, if you are not connecting your blog to Linked-In, go ahead and get that happening today by going to the applications area of your account.

Then…once you are on Linked In…there is a book that is going to be a must read for you (and your colleagues…go ahead and pick up 3 copies and give them out to your friends.)

payingitforward If you have not yet picked up a copy of Linking in to Pay it Forward by Chuck Hester, I highly recommend that you go out today and pick up a copy.

Many of you may know that Chuck Hester is the Corporate Communications Director for iContact. Ryan Allis, a rising Gen Y superstar is the CEO.

Chuck has been gracious enough to offer my network

  • an autographed copy
  • a discount price
  • free shipping and
  • a chance to enter a contest to receive a free consultation with him

So, to learn the details and to get the promo code, please visit this link.

Bea Fields Companies, Inc. and Become a Blogging Maniac.com have no material connection to the above endorsement.

4 Tools to Help You Unfollow People on Twitter in Bulk

For starters, I want to encourage everyone NOT to consider using a mass following tool on Twitter. You will end up with XXX pics, marketing blasts and people who are not meant to line up with your values, brand and life.  And come on…can you really market with 10,000 people???  If you are mass building to sell your stuff 10 times a day every day, then people will get ticked off and drop you from their list.

So, this morning, I went out and started mass unfollowing people in these categories (Just as a note…Twitter has put the hammer down on people who are mass following…you cannot follow more people than are following you.)

1. People who are following me but who aren’t really using Twitter…say they have not posted in 60 days

2. People who have XXX photos

3. People who say things like “Buy drugs online cheap”

4. Anything with the word viagra or cialis  in it

5. People who I have followed but who are not following me back

6. Other people who are out on Twitter but who I just don’t think we are ever going to hit it off.

7. People who are sending me messages multiple times a day about buying their shoes, drugs, etc.

So, I cleaned out about 1200 people in 30 minutes using these tools (be careful about unfollowing people you know…check through the list before you mass unfollow and uncheck any people you want to stay connected with…even if they are not using Twitter, you don’t want to create ill will:)

Twitblock (Block people who look like they are spam suspicious..you will know when you see their user name and photo)

Twitter Karma (You can hand select folks who you don’t know or who you have never connected with)

Untweeps (Unfollow people who signed up for Twitter and never use it!)

Buzzom (unfollow people who are not following you back…super quick!)

I still have some clean-up to do, but it is coming along!.