Do Business Owners Need A Blog? Please Weigh In

Good Morning!

I recently had an e-mail from someone regarding a post I wrote.  The response suggested that not all business owners need a blog.

I suppose my position is totally the opposite of this.  I believe that every business that has a web presence needs a blog…to be able to deliver ongoing value, allow the public to truly see the company brand (and leadership brand) and to keep customers informed of ongoing events and updates to the company.

BUT…I would love to hear your comments on this topic.

Please leave your comments below!


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  1. Absolutely every business owner needs a blog. We are kidding ourselves if we believe that we can evolve into the future without being on the wave of technology. Blogging is the best way I know to open the communication door to the entire world. We have never had an opportunity like this before. And it is so easy really. If you want to be left behind, don’t blog. If you want to be part of the wave of the future, I suggest you get onboard with this wonderful tool that personally has changed my business forever.

  2. I had a blog for awhile and it just laid there and did nothing until I gave it the attention it needed and things started to change. People came to read my blogs and left comments and people checked out my site and contacted me about my business. I started another blog called Coaches on the Edge and we use wit and wisdom in our blogs. We recently had one of our blogs picked up by USA Today. So I am a big believer in what a blog can do for you and your business.

  3. Blogs and business – I would draw the corollary between blogs and marketing. Businesses that are successful have powerful marketing programs. Blogs can be not just an adjunct to a marketing campaign, they can be a mainstay. Is there are better way to target market yourself?
    Blogging is not for the faint of heart. Most business owners are already knee deep in work and blogging can look like just another task to perform – another time sink. But if you know your business and are articulate (being able to clearly and concisely communicate is not a strength that everyone possesses) enough to promote it, blogging can be a key tool to have in the toolbox.
    Blogging is an opportunity to tell the world (or your slice of it) about key developments in your business. Or just as importantly, an opportunity to roll out something that would be valuable to a target audience.
    I plan to utilize my blog to exhibit my literary work – in small bites. This way my prospective readers can sample my work and know what they will get when they decide to join my group of hopefully loyal readers.

  4. Not every business owner with a web presence needs a blog – only the ones who really have a commitment to transparency and real customer service. Bea is absolutely right to suggest that a blog is essential for businesses with any web presence. The internet is the first place many consumers go to check out any aspect of a business. It’s been well documented, for example, going back to Scoble and Israel in 2006, that companies without blogs can easily lose customers when they rely on traditional customer service routes to deal with product issues – or that they miss learning about flaws that might render their product useless.
    So, no, you don’t need a blog – unless you need success.

  5. Bea,

    Thanks for posing this great question. I do not think that all business owners should blog. Those who do not believe in the power of business to affect positive change should not blog. Those who believe in the status quo over empowered growth should not blog. Likewise, business owners who are only concerned with themselves and their bottom line and not with team building, trust, ingenuity, and community outreach should not blog. Let those business owners keep their small ideas confined to a limited space and out of the way of those who are truly here to do great work on behalf of great people.

  6. Are you kidding? Your blog is the place you get to show your expertise, inform others and give great value -like Beas!
    It also works with the attraction principle. You will attract people to your business- your ideal clients with a blog. Yes it takes time, but it’s worth the time. Amy Schoen, Relationship Coach, and (on a wordpress platform)

  7. Dean Michelson says:

    I don’t believe all small business owners need a blog, but all businesses can benefit from a blog; it depends on the nature of the business. I have worked with a number of small business owners who might not fit the blog model: dog walking service, home repair service, restuarant, etc. Could they add customer value, sure, but I am not convinced that blogging every week will add value to their business model–but then I am just learning about this whole blogging field. I reserve the right to change my mind after I finish Bea’s course!

  8. The comment mentioned not needing a blog unless you have something to share. My initial response is two-fold: (1) every business owner has somethingn to share – a blog is just an easy way to do it, but there are certainly other, more complicated and expensive ways; and (2) nobody needs a blog just like nobody needs a coach — but it sure can help.
    The key is to use both such tools effectively.
    I learned so much about blogging properly from Bea’s Become a Blogging Maniac course that it made a whole lot more sense to me about both the why and how, and benefits, of blogging. The possibilities and potential results are astounding in their reach – and building one is not for the faint of heart since there is a lot to know about how to do it well. All the more reason Bea’s course on it is a tremendous value. And I mean tremendous with a capital T.
    And the course was recommended to me by a coaching colleague – we coaches coach each other – which in addition to having had several of my own coaches almost consistently since 1996, is something I wouldn’t do without in my life. Do I need a coach. Probably not. Has it made a tremendous difference to my life, career and business? Yup. With a capital T.
    Cheers, Dolly (my blossoming blog …) 🙂

  9. Blogs are an amazing tool. When you have a number of direct and indirect customers asking the same types of questions, a blog is an excellent tool. We use ours as a resource tool for doctors and patients/prospective patients alike to learn more about our rehab system used in chiropractic clinics.

    Phone conversations are great and when we are able to point visual learners to our blog with videos, stories and pictures, our sales force is even more empowered.

    What’s great is we are able to promote the chiropractors we serve by including links to their blogs and great postings.

    If a business owner isn’t blogging yet, they really should consider it and taking Bea Field’s Blogging Class.

  10. IT IS TRUE, YOU DO NOT NEED A BLOG…unless you want to harness the awesome power of the greatest tool to allow others to get to know you, what you offer and what you stand for (your Brand). Seriously, marketing and the way business is done (successfully) has completely changed over the last two years. People want to get to know and trust the people they do business with…hello…get the blog set up and have fun and build relationships.

  11. I feel if you want to be a successful business owner in the 21st century, you need to have a business blog. I just changed from a website to blog site with Bea’s programs and what a difference already. My personal experience is having a blog allows me to position myself as an expert in my field by offering podcasts. videos ( mine and other wellness experts), guest authors and my own personal wellness story. I can get the information our faster and to a wider audience . A blog is more interactive and dynamic and if your blog posts are provocative and interesting -your audience will keep coming back.

  12. Every business owner needs a blog like a fish needs a bicycle. Unless they would like to have new business once in a while and retain their current customers. With the possible exception that your business is extremely confidential, I can’t imagine not telling people what’s new, what you’re thinking about, and maintaining your commitment to being a thought leader, or style leader, or supplier leader for your clients.

  13. I know the idea of a blog can seem intimidating if you’re not a writer. I am a writer and for a long time, it seemed intimidating to me — in the sense of adding yet another writing project. I couldn’t see a reason to blog and stalled for a couple of years as people more savvy than I am (I now realize) kept twisting my arm, trying to convince me it was something I needed to do.

    It was when I started learning more about blogging that I began to see the value of the blog and the scope, which is wide-ranging and very individual. (Now, among other blogging platforms I write for, I have one I’m using to post drafts of my personal writing projects.) Quite frankly, Bea, I think if this non-blogging business owner signed up and did your blogging maniac course, they would come to see that 1) they probably have something valuable to contribute to the conversation; 2) blogging, in an appropriate form for them, is something they could do and might even enjoy; and 3) they’re missing out on a valuable business opportunity.

  14. Does every business owner NEED a blog? No, a blog is not for everyone. Does the housecleaner who runs a very simple and full local business need on-line presence? Maybe not, but MAYBE. I would say a blog is for those who want to increase their ability to be found on the internet, to be contacted by your local market or beyond. As I understand Blogging there are several objectives people can have. As I understand it, blogs evolved out of WEB LOGS which were a place to capture resource information for quick and consolidated reference. The popular purpose in recent years seems to have been on-line personal musings of thoughts, ideas and individual updates. It was at this stage that I was not interested in Blogging either, writing it off as something that was useful for some, but something I did not have time for. Today however, Blogging has evolved into several additional purposes that can benefit every business owner.
    1) It helps with SEO. Frequent and regular postings in your blog with key words that you want to be found by can be more effective than buying Google Ad Words and “SEOing” your website. The regular activity on your blog will help to keep your page fresh and at the top of the NEW and RECENT information on the web (each entry is like a NEW website).
    2) It is the new website. I have heard that some techies are recommending if you are going to start a website, create a blog site instead of a website. Because of the way things are published, a blog site will optimize every entry you put on your site, verses a website will host it but the information will not be optimized in the internet searches.
    3) It is an opportunity to give to others. Information is growing and changing quickly. Why not share what you know. It is a blessing to others and we know what we give we receive. So let go and be willing to give.
    4) Build creditably. It is a way to show that you know what you are talking about (teach what you know) which build credibility for your business and separates you from the “want to be’s”.
    5) Maximize your spokes on-line. It can be an easy hub of the wheel for your social media updating, release of audio and video clips and a channel to help market or inform your audience of who you are and what you do. The blog is a relevant and live “hub” to funnel your most recent things that can auto update all your other sites that you are working to network and keep in touch with the world.
    These are some of the key reasons I think it is savvy for a business owner to have a blog. If you want one, you will have to figure out their purpose, target and system to work your blog, but that can be fun. Realistically, if every business owner were Blogging, it might loose some of its effectiveness, however, taking the prosperity perspective, everyone has something to contribute and will benefit others. Just set up your blog in a way that is reasonable and natural for you to manage – but YES, having a blog, can be beneficial for most business owners.

    Christy Geiger, Business Coach & Trainer

  15. Blogs are probably the most time efficient, cost effective way for a business to develop a more personal relationship with their clients/customers.

    Eventually all businesses will come to realize this and make blogging a higher priority!

  16. To Blog, or Not to Blog?

    That is the Question! I’ve found the real answer is do you wanna take advantage of modern technology to inexpensively build stron, longterm, trusting relationships with your clients.

    I buy from people I know, like and trust…and I suspect your clients do the same.

    Blogging represents an opportunity to educate your clients and thereby become someone they know, like and trust.

    That said, I find it best “to Blog.”

    Bloggin is really helping me get alot of exposure, hits to my site, and to better educate — and build longterm relationships with — my clients.

    To Your Success!

    Dr. Shane

  17. Bea,
    Great question. The world is becoming more and more interactive. While blogging isn’t the only way, it is certainly a meaningful way to communicate with customers. I think sometimes business owners’ resistance is as much about not having a clear core message as it is about the discomfort of learning to use a new tool like blogging. It’s vital that we not confuse the two issues.

  18. No. I do not think it is a requisite. In fact, if people don’t offer something of true value on website/blog/twitter, et al, I think it makes them look less professional/credible. That said, I DO encourage my clients to set up blogs, in particular, so they can communicate meaningful, helpful information even if only occasionally.

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