Great Post by Seth Godin on Delivery of Value: The Hidden Power of a Gift

If you are someone like me who believes in the power of adding value, I encourage you to check out Seth Godin’s post from today:  The Hidden Power of a Gift.

My position is this (and Seth articulates this perfectly)…if you are giving a gift or offering additional value, then give it without expecting anything in return, and the universe will be a better place.

Check out his post today here..

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  1. Bea — I also receive Seth Godin’s posts every day and this one really resonates with me. One of my maxims is you must give to receive. By that, I don’t mean you give to a specific person in the expectation of a return. But I mean in the broader sense of giving to your friends, your community and your professional associations. Over time, you will receive back in unexpected ways. But the giving without expectation of return always feels good.


  1. Monah says:


    Что то со ссылками…

  2. Light says:

    Даже не знаю

    Ссылки как то странно отображаются…

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