Before Your Get Started: Complete This Checklist

Before you get started with the Become a Blogging Maniac course, there are a few things you’ll need to hit the ground running!

I hope your “to do” stickies don’t look like these, but just for effect, we want to let you know that there will be multiple steps to this process…and only you can work these steps.

Here’s what you will need before you begin the program:

1) A unique website hosted on your own domain. Your blog can be an extension of your current website OR you can open a new domain just for your blog. Either way, you will want to make sure that your website is hosted on your own domain (and not on the blog’s system such as To find a unique domain name, write out your “wish list” of domain names, head over to Go Daddy and see if the domain is available. If not, Go Daddy is pretty darn smart, because they will give you a list of names which are a close match to what you are seeking.

2) Once you know your domain, you will need to add a free WordPress blog to your account. (NOTE: We will be using WordPress for this course. If you are using another blogging platform, you will still benefit from this course, but there will be parts of the course which will not apply to you.) Many hosting companies like Dreamhost and Host Gator have what is known as a “one click install” (Fantastico!) feature, which allows you to host a blog on your own domain in a matter of minutes. If you need a customized form of WordPress, please contact Dale Noles.

3) A File Transfer Protocol (FTP) which will give you the ability to move files, pictures and audios from your computer to your blog. We recommend Core FTP, FireFTP (which is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox) and WS FTP Home Edition. Core FTO and FireFTP are free, and WS FTP Home is $39.95.

4) A computer microphone. You may use the microphone installed on your laptop, or you can purchase a microphone from Wal-Mart, Staples or Best Buy. We recommend the Logitech microphone which runs about $22.00 or less.

5) A computer webcam. Once again, this is probably installed on your laptop or desktop OR we recommend the Logitech webcam. I would recommend trying Best Buy, Staples or Wal Mart, choose the camera that you feel best suits your needs and then use to find the best price available.

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