Marketing in Our Web 2.0 World

Many people contact me and ask me what Web 2.0 is and why they should use it. Simply put, Web 2.0 is the set of tools we are all now using to build both social and professional connections and to be able to collaborate online. Web 2.0 includes blog, wikis, Facebook, Twitter, and the list goes on.

This blog topic on the Wall Street Journal will help you begin to understand how Web 2.0 can be used to market your business effectively and to build out your network over the next few years. The goal with Web 2.0 is not to enforce “push marketing” but to use “pull marketing” to engage with people who can then trust you enough to want to do business with you (Duh…I am not sure what has really changed on this front!)

During the Become a Blogging Maniac course, we will be addressing how to effectively use social media as a way to build relationships and the credibility you need to add ongoing value to your potential customers. The goal with social networking is to build relationships so that you can help people out…answer their questions, teach them how to do something or provide them with a valuable resource.

I do hope you can join us on January 5 for the Become a Blogging Maniac Course. We will not only be discussing this topic at length, but all participants will be actively engaging new people online every day during our 12 week program. It is going to be a great deal of fun and hard work…and in the end…so well worth it!.

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