Traffic, Tears and Tenderness: Lessons From 5 Years of On-line Hustling by Danielle LePorte

During our Blogging Mentoring call yesterday, we were talking about being stuck (having blogger’s block) and what to do about it.

Then, Eileen Lunny sent me this post By Danielle LaPorte, author of the Firestarter Series.

Traffic, Tears and Tenderness: Lessons From 5 Years of On-line Hustling

Her post is spot on.  We all write for great content (and that’s what Google and places like Ezine Articles want…tips, strategies, how-tos).  But people want passion…they want to hear how you feel.

So, I want to tell you exactly how I feel about the Become a Blogging Maniac program.

I recently had a great visit from Janine Elias and she whispered in my ear to tell me that my price for the Become a  Blogging Maniac program is WAY too low…so people assume it is of no value.  Well, people who have taken the program have been telling me for the last two years that the program is worth over $1,000.00, and I know they are right.  But my business mind says “Aren’t we in a recession?”  But, Janine did leave me with a curious thought about my pricing. Maybe I am too low, or maybe there is a bigger program to offer (that one is stirring around in my mind) or maybe there’s a bigger message to share with you.

I have been in business for 25 years and have offered so many things for free that I think it may have hurt my business…and maybe I am considered the “Walmart” of coaching (hey…I love Walmart, but you get the drift).  I know when I go over into the corporate world, things are different.  They fully understand the value of what I bring to the table and pay my fees, no problem.  But, I get a LOT of pushback from people on even $350.00 for 4 sessions in the small business world.  And rightfully so.  Mainstreet America is hurting, and I KNOW THAT!

So, for today…I am sticking with my price for this 12 week program just as it is.  We ARE in a recession.  The small biz community IS hurting, and if I can help by offering a $97.00 program chocked full of value, it is my hope that our business community will learn enough to start thriving again.

So…if you have been in my blogging programs, you know what to do…now…go make it happen!  Many of you are out there using the material to make money, and some of you are not.  But my challenge to you today is that I have offered my services and all of the information I have in my brain at a very affordable price to help you make more money and get more clients.  My greatest reward will not be your money…it will be your success!

Have a great day.

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  1. Become a Blogging Maniac is a fantastic course. Each time I have reviewed it I have absorbed more of what you offer and I am awed by your generosity.

    I find that sometimes it is more important to share wisdom (as in selling books on Amazon) than it is to earn a lot of money and sometimes it is important to earn as much as possible. And sometimes it is hard to find the wisdom to know the difference.

    I am happy to report that my stats are improving and I have just accepted an invitation to join TeachStreet’s Featured Blogger Program.

    Many thanks.


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