When You’re 60, How to Look 40 Without Botox or Other Needle/Knife Procedures by Corliss McGinty

As you may know, I asked a large group of people to write about some topics I would love to know more about.  In about 20 minutes, I received this blog post from Corliss McGinty of www.softsolutionsconsulting.com.

Thank you Corliss for stepping up and stepping out!

After I hit the 60 mark, I had concerns about my looks.” I’m not a Spring Chicken anymore!” I lamented. But when I dropped hints that I may go to Costa Rica for some cost-effective plastic surgery last month, my friends sincerely said I didn’t need that! We all see different things in the mirror I know. I see myself at 20-something even though I’m heading towards 63 now. My how time flies! Where is that young woman so full of possibilities and energy? As I glanced at her face, I realized she is still there, only with much more life in her now.

So what is the secret to keeping young at an older age? It can’t be “clean living” I assure you! Yet I am an example of moderation so I enjoy all the sins of pleasure every once in a while. A little chocolate goes a long way! A few extra pounds keep your skin plump and some occasional exertion keeps your muscles toned, but you don’t have to be fanatical about it! The secret, I believe, is keeping your spirit young and enjoying life, being engaged in things you care about.

When your spirit is young, you have that enthusiasm and zest for life. You’re still curious. You try new stuff, take risks and want to know about things and “how come”. In addition, you smile more and nothing is more flattering than a smile. Yes, you do need to pay attention to things like your sun exposure (who wants to be dark tan anymore anyway?) and makeup (lighten up some to just even out your skin tone) and hair style (please update it. Pageboys have been out for decades! Go for the color as grey looks faded) and having a skin regime helps even if it is just washing and moisturizing with “cold cream” and finally, dress appropriately (classical styles are always in and wearing colors that flatter your skin tone work). In general, keep fresh but let the fads pass you by. You don’t need them. You’re the package!

We can’t stop the clock, but we can care about our appearance. My goal in life is to be 90 and still have that twinkle in my eye, still laugh hard and still love that reflection in the mirror!

Corliss McGinty

336-272-7940(w) or 512-736-9884 (c)


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