Why are people so self conscious about blogging?

Rosie loves to eat, run, sleep and bark at the UPS Man

I have taught over 800 hours of blogging to over 500 students in the last three years, and each time a new class comes along, I get these same questions:

What should I blog about?

Will anyone read what I blog about?

I then hear these same fears pop up:

What if my blog posts are terrible?

What if no one reads my blog?

What if my blog is not interesting?

What will I do if I do all this blogging and no one ever finds me?

Here is what I have found to be so true.  We all have something interesting to write about…we just have to push away the self consciousness and write from our heart and using a conversational tone.

As an example, I was watching my dog Rosie sleep last night.  She will be 10 this year.  She was once a rich caramel brown…she is now light tan, because she is going grey, but she was asleep with her tennis balls wrapped in her little paws, and I thought:  “Oh…she looks like a baby again.  She looks like a puppy.”  I then began to wonder about the life of a dog, and what I can learn from it.  Their goals in life are so simple:

1.  To eat

2. To sleep

3. To run and chase tennis balls

4. To go on a run (a leash and tennis shoes make Rosie dance…really…she dances on her hind legs before a walk)

5. To get belly rubs

6.  To bark at the UPS man

That’s about it.  Right now, Rosie is sitting in the chair in my office taking a nap in the sunbeam…her favorite thing to do in the morning.  And, here I sit wondering what to blog about and if anyone really cares or will read it.  My guess is this…at least one person will read this blog post, will smile and will connect with me over Rosie.  Some of you will come here and think “Everyone blogs about their dogs..or I don’t like dogs.”  And…I really don’t care.  I want to blog about Rosie today, so I did.

So, for today, I encourage you all to just drop the self consciousness and blog about what you want to blog about.  Think about the simple things in life like eating, sleeping, barking at the UPS man, going on a walk and getting belly rubs and see what pops up for you.

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  1. I have a dog named Rosie too…she’s black, but otherwise sounds an awful lot like yours! Dancing included 😉 Although she doesn’t reserve her barking for just UPS guys!

    I love this post…now I know a little more about you and something else we have in common. Your writing advice is spot-on!

  2. I love this blog. In my next life I want to come back as a dog.

  3. I love dogs. I have at least three of my own (my favorite breed is Keeschond), however I love all dogs. Whenever I see a dog that is lost, if I can rescue it, I do. And, if it has a tag or a chip, I return it to its owner. If not, I put an ad in the paper, and sometimes have found the owners, and sometimes not because the dog has been abandoned. Then, I find it a wonderful home with people that love it. And, sometimes I even keep the dog myself.

    Thank you for writing about Rosie. It made me smile and feel warm all over.

  4. Bea Fields says:

    Thank you all for commenting on this post.

    See…3 people found this something worth commenting on.

    Get it? Got it! Goooood!

    (Jeannette…I also want to come back as a dog in my next life but only in a home like mine where I get spoiled to the core!)

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